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"I love what we do, and my expertise and passion allow me to develop individuals and organizations all over the world."

My passion for trainings and the high-energy workshops enable me to meet individuals and organizations worldwide in all areas:

  • Customer Service 
  • Team Dynamic
  • Leadership development
  • Soft Skills

I empower people to take positive action and achieve great results!

In partnership with you, I analyse, identify, customize and deliver our services with passion and motivation.

I offer consulting services and educational workshops that support skills development and culture change that positively impacts business results.

Founder & CEO, Action to Success Coach

Your actions today, determine your success tomorrow!


Servicexcellence´s vision is to be most desired quality training and business consultancy worldwide. We are partners, advisors and facilitators, and it is our mission to guide you on your way to excellence.


Take action to succeed. By providing customized training workshops, consultancy services Servicexcellence enables organizations to achieve positive business growth, continuous improvement and sustainable development.


Servicexcellence stands for: ​ quality, consistency, innovation and excellence.

“Every positive action is followed by a positive reaction.
What action have you already managed today for your personal and professional environment? "

Sofie Zithen

Founder & CEO, Action to Success Coach

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