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 "If you understand your personality trait, you will succeed.’’

Based on the theory of C. Jung The MBTI® (Myers-Briggs-Typ Indicator) Personality Development is a worldwide used practice to increase the individuals and organization’s performance by gaining insights into personality traits.

The aim of the development program is for participants to understand:

  • themselves and their behaviour
  • how to communicate effectively
  • how to create success
  • and how to align themselves within a team

Operating in the Middle East and Europe, Sofie J. Ziethen, MS.c., and her company Servicexcellence are the leading, certified training and development Consultancy that can enhance peoples’ lives powerfully and effectively.

The program includes:

  • Online and Paper-Based Tests
  • Classroom Workshops for up to 25 Individuals
  • Competency Model Development
  • One to One Coaching Sessions
  • Executive Coaching and Focus Group Discussions

Personality Types: 


The natural focus is the external world of people and action


The natural focus of Introversion is the internal world of thoughts and feelings.


Taking in and presenting information in a sequential, step-by-step way.


Taking in and presenting information in a snapshot or big-picture way. Today, we use the tool to empower you!


Decades of experience in the learning and development industry, flexibility and the attention to details and quality offered in all our services, allow Sofie J. Ziethen, MS.c., to engage people around the world through online learning platforms.

  • One to one coaching (for individuals and teams)
  • Virtual classroom workshops
  • The MBTI® Pre- Assessments are online based questionnaires,which will be shared with the delegates before the workshop

Skill-based learning and online reading materials are only a few of the services that are offered as an
additional benefit to our customized learning and development programs.

A combined workshop delivery, online and offline, can be designed in a way that suits your goals, structure, location and timelines.
We support you on your way to excellence.

“Every positive action is followed by a positive reaction.
What action have you already managed today for your personal and professional environment? "

Sofie Zithen

Founder & CEO, Action to Success Coach

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