"I love what we do, and my expertise and passion allow me to develop individuals and organizations all over the
world. I empower people to take positive action and achieve great results! Motivation, skills, the passion for people
embody the name of my company and vision."

  Sofie J. Ziethen, Founder & CEO

Servicexcellence ́s training and development solutions challenge the status quo of both individuals and businesses. As a successful worldwide represented consultancy leader, I have a clear vision that I act on every day and my values which guide me on the way to excellence.

Together with you, I analyze, identify, customize and deliver training and development services with passion and
motivation. Servicexcellence – Consulting and Development offers educational development workshops, company
cultures and consulting services that impact your results positively!


"Training and development of the human capital, skills and motivation are Servicexcellence – Business Consulting and Development ́s core business. As the Founder and CEO of the consultancy, I work with experts and Servicexcellence ́s representatives around to work to add value to organizations and communities.
We are passionate people with a passion for success, evolving organizations and waking up people to hear their greater call for life – happiness!


Our services are customized development workshops, journeys and events which are based on experience, knowledge, and proven and powerful platforms for customized solutions to meet each organization’s specific needs to develop and evolve. "

Board Meeting


 "Quality is the core of our business model.’’


The training and development solutions consist out of more than 56 training programs.

Topics are segregated into five (5) Dimensions of Development:

1. Leadership

2. Customer Experience

3. Motivation

4. Soft Skills

5. Team Dynamics

Leadership programs are highly customized workshops, journey and seminars where real-life case studies are used to

reflect on what is happening in your operational, financial and behavioral landscape.












Strategic Direction

Future Leadership Development 


Leadership Types and I

Driving Results 

Leadership and Communication, Conflict Resolution and Decision-Making

Personality Testing                                    

Executive Coaching                                   


Strategic Mapping


Management Tool Box Journey (6 months development program for leaders)

Additional leadership programs and one to one interventions include:

We customize the journey with you as an individual, or a team, to support you to achieve your personal path to excellence.



The Customer Experience programs designed at Servicexcellence are experiential motivational, high-energy driven workshops.
The focus are skills, and behavioral techniques which service representatives need to stand out, serve and satisfy your customer.
The language used in the workshops, the materials as well as the actual presentation are all customized to blend in with your organization and support you on your way to business growth and excellence.

Managing Service & Driving Results

Stakeholder Management


Complaint Handling and Conflict Resolution

Telephone Techniques


Grooming Standards and Hygiene

CASH - Up-selling Techniques

S.M.I.L.E. – The Customer Service Culture

S.M.I.L.E. – Train the Trainer Certification


Train the Trainer

Motivational programs are face to face interactions that include:


Vision Session                                                 


Personal Coaching

Personality Typing and Testing

Goal Setting

Soft skills programs include more than 30 different topics which, Servicexcellence developed, designed and delivered
for more than 10,276 people in over 8 countries since 2015.
Each course, regardless of the topic, is customized to suite your organization, audience and serve your desired
objectives and results.


Programs are customized in terms of:

Language and Vocabulary



Delivery Mode


Number of People


Case Studies and Real Life Scenarios

Our team dynamics programs range from individual events to complete development journeys and focus on the
following aspects of High Performing Teams:







Team Dynamics Matrix

Team Building Events

Team Coaching

Additional services include:

MBTI© Personality Testing and Team Analytics

DISC© Profiling and Behavior Analysis

Strategic Mapping Workshops

Values-Based Workshops 


Focus Group Discussions

Satisfaction Survey

Case Study Interviews


All development programs are customized to suit your needs and company vision. Training programs are suitable for 5-500 people at the same time. Depending on the program topic, depth and audience, programs take 1 full day, up to 1 year. Program delivery methods include: indoor, outdoor and online workshops. 


Servicexcellence ́s Combined Service Model, serves as a great analysis tool, when identifying how, where, why and when you, your teams, and your organization must be developed. The experiential training delivery is based on the Principles of Adult Learning, and engage people actively in the learning process. Learning platforms, activities, case studies and real life scenarios offer a great communication and interaction platform for individuals and teams to experience, learn, reflect and excel.

  Sofie Ziethen, Founder & CEO
We use a range of pre- and post-analysis tools to measure the learning and behavioral change results:

Pre-Post Skills Assessment

Pre-Post Knowledge Based Tests


360' Feedback


Online Surveys

Customer Experience Reports

Focus Group Discussions

" Servicexcellence means taking action.


Working with people and adding value to organizations and individuals is my personal calling.


Achieving excellence is my drive.

This is why I founded Servicexcellence."

  Sofie Ziethen, Founder & CEO

Based on the theory of C. Jung The MBTI® is a worldwide used practice to increase the individuals and organization’s performance by gaining insights into personality traits.

The aim of the development program is for participants to understand:
    themselves and their behavior
    how to communicate effectively
    how to create success
    and how to align in a team empower greatness

Servicexcellence is one of the leading, certified training and development consultancies in the Middle East and Europe, which have the power to change peoples’ lives in a powerful and effective way.

The program includes:

Online- and Paper-Based Tests

Classroom Workshops for up to 25 Individuals

Competency Model Development

One to One Coaching Sessions


Executive Coaching and Focus Group Discussions


Our MBTI® Development Journey is a customized development program for all levels of individuals in your organization. Based on the theory of C. Jung, it aims to allow individuals to find out more about their real inner drive and allows teams to become High Performing Role Models in the future.
Business owners, Chief Executive Officers and leaders know their organization’s biggest line-item expense—and
most valuable asset—their people. Even if you have an excellent system in place for recruitment and hiring, making
sure your team (or teams) are aligned and that you’ve got the right people in the right positions is critically important
for growing your business.


This is where the MBTI® tool comes in.
The MBTI® is the Myers-Briggs type indicator; the most widely used personality inventory in the world, with more
than 3.5 million assessments administered each year. As companies look to develop their leaders and teams, it is vital
to understand and interpret the individuals’ behaviour to work better and more efficient in the future.

You will recieve:


Online MBTI® Step I and Step II Testing


A Paper Based Questionnaire - Available in 12 Languages


Your Customized MBTI® Workbook

And a Highly Engaging and Effective Development Program to Achieve Excellence

The Theory behind the MBTI®

Isabel B. Myers and Katharine C. Briggs developed the MBTI® instrument to make Carl G. Jung’s theory of psychological type available to the general public. Interpreting MBTI® results for Leadership Teams in the form of a workshop requires that participants understand Jung’s picture of personality:
   assumptions of the theory
   definitions of the dichotomies and the preferences
   behaviors related to the type preferences, Jung presented his picture of personality in his book Psychological Types (1923)

Based on his observations and research, Jung concluded that differences in behavior result primarily from people’s
inborn tendencies to use their minds in different ways. As people act on these tendencies, they develop patterns of
Behavior. Jung defined eight different patterns of normal behavior, or types.

The type categories Jung identified used by everyone:


The natural focus is the external world of people and action.

The natural focus of Introversion is the internal world of thoughts and feelings.


Taking in and presenting information in a sequential, step-by-step way.


Taking in and presenting information in a snapshot or big-picture way. Today, we use the tool to empower you!


A DISC© Personality Test (online and in Servicexcellence ́s workshops) will help you to rapidly gain insights into your blend of DISC© personality and behavioral traits.

With this knowledge, you can better connect and communicate with others.
In about 30 minutes, you’ll have a better understanding of why you communicate the way you do.
Using this understanding, you can communicate more effectively.

With your DISC© personality test results, you can:

Immediately Improve Your Communication Skills

Connect with Co-Workers More Effectively


Understand What You Need To Do To Be More Successful
When Working with Others

The additional DISC© assessment offers you a complete view of your DISC© style and how you can use it to get better results, to become a more effective communicator, and to build stronger relationships.


To get the greatest value from this online personality test, you will study the behavioral descriptions offered by the DISC© behavioral model in the workshop. Fun, interactive and measurable experiences will allow you to relate your insights to your daily life, and how you interact with others at home as well as at work.

As you gain insights and perspectives on the dynamics of your interactions with others, you will see ways to adjust either your perspective or your behaviors. When you adjust, you can bridge the differences between you and the other people in your life.

Servicexcellence offers decades of corporate experience and know-how.
We combine the knowledge and strength of selected individuals
who are assigned to your project needs and deliverables.

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