"Quality is the core of our business model.’’


When delivering Risk Management services, we – like business leaders, understand the importance of identifying, analyzing and
prioritizing risks.

We diligently follow up with a coordinated and cost-effective application of resources to minimize, monitor and control the
probability or impact of challenging events.


The key aim is to realize opportunities. In other words, we utilize customized,
practical, strategic tools that allow you to proactively protect and improve your business, rather than reacting to threats or hazards.


Servicexcellence integrates with your organization to support you from A-Z, inside-out.
Working closely with your leadership team, your employees and stakeholders, Servicexcellence applies industry best practices and
uses state-of-the-art tools.

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Our Risk Management Grid™ includes five (5) steps that are integrated and combined with your departments, services, and assets, to protect your organization, quality and success.

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The RMGTM preparation includes a detailed analysis of your business and its
environment. Risk factor clustering is a key
element in the process.

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Once the risk clusters have been prioritized, preventive actions are set and Risk diffusion strategies are

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Risk management strategies for each factor must be monitored to control the business environment.

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Regular evaluation meetings and reports must be communicated within the business and with its stakeholders. Consistency in following the processes and complying to the standards are critical practices
in this process.

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A measurable evidence must be evident to prove that the risk factor has been eliminated and the businesses under control.

Tools include:

Procedure and Standards Development

Critical Control Check-Lists


People Management


Reporting Analytics

Complaint Management

Sustainable Development Programs


Servicexcellence uses state of the art equipment and modern, easy to use tools to hold productive,
measurable and effective risk management meetings with you and the key positions in your firm.


It is our goal to analyze the status quo and build a strong framework of risk preventive measurements
and actions.

Whether our services are offer as preventive maintenance, or assist you through an organization change

Servicexcellence focuses on quality and suitability to achieve your desired company goals.

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Servicexcellence offers decades of corporate experience and know-how.
We combine the knowledge and strength of selected individuals
who are assigned to your project needs and deliverables.