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 "Quality is the core of our business model.’’



Quality management ensures that an organization, product, or service produces what the promise states, deliver the highest
standards and is consistent.We help you and your company find answers to the most strategically important questions. We define goals in the areas of quality, growth, employees, profitability, strategic transformation and change, and sustainability.


Together we work on an operational implementation and thus achieve the highest quality.


In this way, we help to strengthen your business and your competitiveness, and achieve what your customers are looking for. Quality and reliability, to a fair and profitable offer, with the best customer service.

Our Discover Excellence - Quality Management Services™ have four main components:

1. Quality planning

Devising a quality management plan that
includes the required processes and

2. Quality assurance


Instilling confidence in the organization by assuring, validating, and exhibiting it has
the knowledge, abilities, skills and attitude to achieve desired outcomes.

3. Quality control


 Inspection, testing and measurement of project deliverables.



Examining how elements 1-3 will drive further improvements in efficiency and effectiveness to achieve success.

4. Continual improvement

Our approach to Quality Management incorporates our corporate values which are customized to your organization:

Quality – included in all components, elements and divisions are firstly defined by your organization.

Consistency – secondly, your organization measures and reviews their current output and results against their desired goals.

Innovation – once Once appropriate measures are incorporated, and resources are aligned,the organization further reviews processes, standards, and output. This review aims to innovate where required by updating systems, tools, equipment, and processes to achieve excellence.

Excellenceexcellence must be defined by the organization itself. Achieving excellence
refers to customer satisfaction, employee well-being and performance, process optimization and profit
next to growth and market share.

Various internal and external factors determine what excellence looks like for the organization, vision, and future achievements.

"Servicexcellence challenges
            the organization’s status quo." 
                          Sofie J. Ziethen, Founder & CEO

Servicexcellence – Business Consulting and Development offers a suite of analytical tools which are used individually
or in any combination to form a holistic approach to Discover Excellence – Quality Management Services™

Tools incude:

Strength and Weakness Profiling Analysis

On the job observations


Smart process optimization


Focus group discussions


Interview Case studies


Customer - and employee surveys

Mystery Shopping


Total Quality Management (TQM)



"Review – Rethink – Revamp 
Recap – Realize Success.''
            Sofie J. Ziethen, Founder & CEO

As your trusted business partner, Servicexcellence – Business Consulting and Development supports you on your way to success.
Our strategic consulting services focus on the business transformation of your organization.

 Applying the unique Combined Service Model™ designed by Servicexcellence enables you to remodel your organization
to the extent you require or desire.

Services are individually tailored and aligned to the organization’s needs.

Using the Combined Service Model™, Servicexcellence primarily analyses business practices and goals and makes
suggestions to improve standards, processes and/or company direction.


Measure the

Status Quo

Needs Analysis &

Performance Review

• Vision - Mission - Values

• Aspiration and Goals

• People and Process










• Teamwork

• Motivation

• Customer Service

• Leadership

• 5 Dimensions Of Development
- Skill Building

• Leadership Consulting

• Employee Survey

• Mystery Shopping

• Competency Assessment

Servicexcellence uses in-depth industry knowledge and expertise with an objective and unbiased approach to provide high
level solutions to organizations.

Budgeting and Profit Optimization

Performance Management

Strategic Issue Management


Human Resources


Training and Development

Weak Signal Management

Strategic Mapping

Organizational Restructuring

Response Management

Servicexcellence – Business Consulting and Development can also help you identify markets and segments, analyse
trends, design new processes and launch products and services.

We empower organizations to achieve greatness. As a successful, worldwide represented consultancy,  

we live by this vision, and mission every day.




MBTI® Analysis

Risk Management

Servicexcellence offers decades of corporate experience and know-how.
We combine the knowledge and strength of selected individuals
who are assigned to your project needs and deliverables.

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